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If you have submited your application and want to change it or add documents afterwards, you can sign in the application system here.

The use of Keikkanetti ended on 15 June 2023. Download the new Työntekijän OmaSeure app to your phone.

If you are interested in expanding your duties or work area, or are interested in a job that’s posted in Seure’s jobs listing, you do not need to apply via new application. Contact us with this form and tell us your wishes. We will contact you.

If you want to read or change your information after submitting an application, you can log in here. For identification, you can use your email, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

Seure’s recruitment system doesn’t require a username or a separate password. For identification, you can use your email, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. If you want to read or change your information after submitting an application, you can log in here.

Order a new password using the Unohditko salasanasi? button in OmaSeure login page.

If there is less than five years since you worked in Seure, you can easily start again by filling this form. (in Finnish) Please do not submit an application to an open job posting.

If there is over five yours since you worked in Seure, please apply trough Seure.fi open job listing.

There are two kinds of employment in Seure.

  • Gigwork: If your contracted employment is less than 16 days, you will be paid by the hour.
  • You will be paid twice a month.
    • Work done in days 1.-15. will be paid at the last day of the same month.
    • Work done in days 16.-31. will be paid at the 15th day of the following month.
  • Monthly employment: If your employment is more than 16 days, you’ll be paid for the month’s work.

If the payday lands at Saturday or Sunday, you’ll be paid the previous Friday.

If you suddenly fall ill, you must inform both Seure and your workplace as soon as possible. To Seure the sick leave notice is done via OmaSeure app. Read instructions here.

If you are unable to use OmaSeure, you can also call Seure. You must telephone immediately or, at the latest, the following morning once Seure’s telephone service opens. See phone numbers and times here.

You must also inform your workplace of your illness as soon as possible.

Once you’ll find out the lenght of your  sick leave, notify Seure. Instructions for how to send a sick leave document to Seure can be found here.

Currently all of our positions require basic Finnish (or Swedish) skills. This is because Finnish is generally spoken in the workplaces where our personnel go to work. This means that workers need to be able to communicate in Finnish in their work environment.

Most or our work is substitute work. When working as substitute staff, most work shifts start with a quick introduction to the assignment in the workplace. Our workers must be able to understand their assignments according to instructions given in Finnish.

Our employees must also be able to use our work shift booking system OmaSeure, which is  available only in Finnish.

We don’t require fluency in Finnish or any kind of language certificate. Basic skills and ability to communicate using vocabulary used in your work field is enough.

To get an understanding in your level of working Finnish, the job interviews are held in Finnish.

  • Emplyee can send their tax card to Seure here.
  • Employee can send their sick leave certification to Seure here.
  • Emplyee can send their bank account number to Seure through OmaSeure message.
  • Emplyee can send their other documents (like examination certification):
    • Via OmaSeure mobile application is the preferred sending method.
    • A copy of the document can also be send to us by post. The address is Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy, PL 2, 00501 Helsinki.
    • Employee can also bring the document to Seure’s office,  Käenkuja 1B or leave the document in Seure’s mailbox outside the front doors.
  • Job applicant: Note that we only handle applications that are submitted through our application system.
  • You can submit an open application for jobs in social and health care, education and early childhood education. Choose the right open application for you here.
  • In our application system there is also an opportunity to submit your CV information via the Connect-function. You can submit your information for our applicant data system, but this information won’t be actively processed. Please fill in an open application form instead.
  • You can send your job application without contacting Seure. In case you encounter any problems as a job applicant, please call us or send an email to seure @ seure.fi. Check exact contact details and opening hours.
  • Employees can contact us through OmaSeure app by sending a messages.
  • Unfortunately we can’t help you on Facebook or on other social media platforms if it involves handling sensitive personal information (such as personal identity number or tax number).
  • After Seure has employed you, you can browse available work shifts in OmaSeure app (mobile phone). Log in using your e-mail address and password.
  • We don’t have an upper age limit. Only some of the jobs at HUS hospitals have an upper age limit of 72 years.
  • Seure hires employees who have passed the official retirement age exclusively for on-demand work, not for longer employment periods.
  • Our principle is that we don’t hire employees under the age of 18.

To apply, a foreign job applicant needs:

  • A Finnish personal identity number
  • A bank account of a natural person
  • A passport or other official photo identification which reveals the person’s nationality.
  • Additionally, citizens of non-EU and non-EEA countries must prove their right to work (stated in residence permit card).
  • We also require a level of Finnish language skills that is adequate to perform work tasks.
  • Read more:
  • Not all of our positions require a certificate of vocational competence. For example, it’s possible to work in education or in food or cleaning services with sufficient work experience. Our job postings mention the level of work experience and training required.
  • We also offer familiarization; a period during which you learn the practicalities of working in the position for which you want to apply. We publish available familiarizations as job postings. You may apply for familiarization in the same manner as for a job.
  • We publish all the open positions on our website. The easiest and the most convenient way to apply is to use your home computer.
  • There are two self-service computers in the lobby of our office available for browsing our open positions and submitting job applications. You can find the street address and a map here.
  • We can only process applications sent through our online application service.
  • If you are interested in more than one job position, it’s enough that you fill a form for the position that interests you the most. There is a question about if you are applying for multiple positions in the application form, please tell about the other applied positions there.
  • For most of our open job positions, we process arriving applications while the job posting is still open.
  • The processing time varies depending on the position, and that is why we can’t estimate the processing time.
  • We phone or send an email to all job applicants who have applied for an open position.
  • Your application and CV must be in Finnish. Instructions for applying can be found here.