Seure means freedom and certainty – and better work experiences

Seure has approximately 16,000 people in its workforce, and several thousand of them support the daily lives of our clients on hundreds of sites in care work, at day care centres and in schools every day.

It would be great to have you as part of our work community, which has freedom and certainty at its core. We want to offer the most work opportunities, the most work sites and the most flexibility according to your wishes – whether it be a short daytime gig or long-term substitution. You decide.

What do freedom and certainty mean in practice?

Seure’s goal is to be a reliable employer and an attractive alternative for all people working in industries where Seure offers employment, in all life situations. We promise that we aim to ensure at least the following matters every day.

  • We are a responsible company. We treat you as well as all of our employees and job applicants with respect and equality. At our company, you can be just the way you are; regardless of age, language, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
  • We provide service in a diversified manner. We genuinely offer you the most work shifts, the most work sites and the most options for working. We do not demand commitment to only one employer, and if you so desire, you can move from one site and job to the next. On the other hand, if you want to have a framework in your work, we offer continuity and familiar work sites.
  • You can depend on us. You can always trust that you receive pay according to the collective agreement and that wages are paid according to the work done and on time. In addition to wages, you are entitled to allowances and holidays. Any unclear situations are handled quickly, and Seure always provides you with other employee documents you need. You are a Seure employee and we at the Seure office support you, our colleague.
  • We appreciate your work. We are proud to be able to be your employer. You are an important part of your work community and a saviour of the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands of Finnish people We understand the challenges in your work and want to make your work as efficient as possible, so you can focus on working. We also welcome you if you want to work for Seure on a temporary basis only.
  • We will be here tomorrow. Jobs and life situations come and go, but Seure remains. Many people have enjoyed being at Seure for decades, and even if you have new winds blowing in your life, you can always come back to Seure.

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