Welcome to Seure just the way you are – competence is the decisive factor

Seure has room for you specifically. Come the way you are – we appreciate you and your competence.

At our company, you can be just the way you are; regardless of age, language, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We always make our recruitment decisions on the basis of professional competence and suitability for the task at hand.

When we recruit new experts to our team, we always describe what competence, training or qualifications the work requires. We only set requirements and wishes that are relevant for managing the duties in question.

A diverse team of Seure employees is a resource

We at Seure are genuinely proud of our work community. We employ people of many ages and from many kinds of backgrounds and cultures in many types of life situations. Diversity is a matter than enriches our work community.

Diverse educational backgrounds and work histories are a resource for us. We want all Seure employees to have equal opportunities for career advancement and for improving themselves and their work. We offer you opportunities for trainings, new work sites and duties according to your competence and professional skills.

Information about our work community

In 2021 a total of 14,200 leased employees worked through Seure.

Age and gender distribution of Seure’s leased employees in 2021

Most common nationalities of Seure’s leased employees in 2021

Seure’s leased employees according to the sector of work in 2021