Employee’s Portal Guide – An easy access to your your employment relationship instructions

Työntekijän Portaali, The Employee Portal, is a guide to working in Seure and to employment matters. Seure’s employee can access the guide through OmaSeure.

The Portal guide is available in English, in Finnish and in Swedish.

The portal guide includes e.g. the following instructions:

  • OmaSeure user’s instructions
  • Registering for trainings
  • What to do when you get sick; notification of absence, sick leave certificate and information on sick pay
  • Delivery of documents to Seure
  • Information about working hours, meals and breaks
  • Instructions related to salary payment and salary payment dates
  • Information about occupational health and safety and insurance
  • Instructions for Seure’s internal job search
  • Information about occupational health care
  • Information about annual leave and days off
  • Information about the criminal record requirements
  • Information about employment benefits

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