How to apply

  • Browse job postings here. (the postings are in Finnish)
  • Read the job posts that interest you and start applying with clicking Hae työtä.
  • Fill the application form and submit with clicking Lähetä.
    • Notice: Fill the application in Finnish. We can’t handle applications written in other languages than in Finnish or in Swedish.
    • Notice: Fill one application only. If you are interested in several jobs, send your application to the one that interests you the most. Tell in the application that you are also interested in other jobs.
  • We’ll contact you and invite you to a job interview if needed.
    • Notice: Processing your application can take several days, Wait for us to contact you. We’ll contact all applicants. (If you left an open application, we’ll contact you when a suitable position opens.)
    • Prepare to answer when you’ll get a call. So please remember us when you’ll receive a call from a number you don’t regognize! We can also reach you via email. If we can’t reach you at all, the application process ends.
  • During the process, we’ll ask you to provide the necessary documents for the position (for example: examination certificates, work certificates)
  • If the job interview goes well, congratulations! In most cases you can start working straight away.
  • Additional information for foreign applicants can be found here.

Different ways to apply for different situations

Information and help

Customer service is offered in Finnish.

Before calling, please see if you can find the information on our web page.

  • Our open positions can be found here.
  • Information for foreign applicants can be found here.
  • See also our FAQ.

If you didn’t manage to find the information you were looking for, you may call our applicants’ service number. We are happy to help you.

Note: If you have send us an application, wait for us to contact you. We are in contact with applicants. (Or if you left an open application, we’ll contact you only when we find something suitable for you.)

If you still have questions, you can call as at:

09 329 73300 (Mon-Thu 10-12 am)

If we can’t answer right away, you can also leave a call-back request.

Calling cost is a regular charge for a landline or mobile phone call. (pvm / mpm.) We record customer service calls.

Answers for different applicants

We have collected information for different applicants below. If you are left with questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions, or you can contact our customer services.

I have agreed on transferring to Seure

  • The supervisor of your regular workplace can suggest you for Seure. Your supervisor sends your information to Seure, and we’ll contact you. Be sure that your supervisor submits the employer suggestion, without it we can’t proceed with your employment!
    • With this route to employment, you will still be asked to provide us the documents needed in the recruitment, e.g. examination certificates, work certificates etc., so keep them on hand.
  • As your employer, the decision on your employment is made by Seure.

New applicant

  • Start with browsing the open job positions here.
  • After finding a suitable job posting, start the application with clicking Hae työtä.
  • Take time to fill the applications as thoroughly as you can. Think what would make you the most suitable candidate for the job.
  • Fill the application in Finnish.
  • There’s no need to register as an applicant, or create a username. You can identify yourself with your email address.
  • Fill the application questions with care. Even the smallest work experience of education can be worth mentioning if they are connected to the job you are seeking.
  • In the application form you might be asked to attach a document, for example a copy of an examination certificate. A clear photograph is a sufficient copy. You can submit document in most common file formats, like Pdf, docx, ppt and png. Jpg is not an accepted file format.
  • You can also attach a CV to your application. However, attaching CV won’t replace the need to fill the application questions.
  • If you are interested in several job positions, you need to fill only one application. Tell us in an open text what other positions you are interested in.
  • After submitting your application (Lähetä), you’ll be send an email confirmation.
  • We’ll process your application and contact you either by email, text message or phone call. If needed, we’ll schedule a job interview with you.
  • We’ll contact all who applied, (excluding open applications, where we’ll contact you when a suitable position opens.) so there is no need to contact us to inquire the status of your application.

Starting again in Seure

  • If you have worked at Seure less than 5 years ago and want to start again, please fill out this form.
  • If you have worked at Seure more than 5 years ago, fill out an application for the open position of your choice.

I’m a current employee looking for new opportunities

  • If you already work in Seure and want to apply for new jobs (Either those in or those which are available on for current employees) please apply via internal job search route.
  • Please do not submit an application to an open job posting in

Applying without formal education

  • We offer several job positions, for example in schools and kindergartens, that can be applied without formal education for the job. Read more.
  • Requirements for job positions can be found in our job postings.
  • Seure also offers introductions for different job positions, where we offer a practical introduction for a job for motivated and suitable applicants.

Information for non-Finnish citizens

More information on what’s required for a non-Finnish applicants can be read here.

Different ways to apply

  • We periodically publish open applications for different job categories. Check the current open application opportunities here.
  • Please only submit applications through our currently awailable job announcements. We can’t process applications that are submitted to us through other means than our application system.
  • In our application system there is also an opportunity to submit your CV information via the Connect-function. You can submit your information for our applicant data system, but this information won’t be actively processed. Please fill in an open application form instead.