Working as Substitute teacher

As a substitute teacher, you can work through Seure in elementary schools in Helsinki and Vantaa, as well as in Helsinki’s media high school. We offer work gigs lasting one or a couple of days.

As a substitute teacher, you can work as a class teacher, subject teacher or special education teacher. Substitute teaching opportunities are available in both elementary and middle schools.

In their work, the substitute teacher has an undivided responsibility for the students in their group throughout their school day. This includes, for example, an educational responsibility. The teacher plays a key role in creating a safe education and learning environment for the students.

Working through Seure, substitute teachers choose their gigs from a gig platform offered by Seure.

Substitute teacher’s work differ from other work done through Seure in a way that substitute teachers’ employer is the city.

There are plenty of gigs available in schools in Helsinki and Vantaa, but, for example, the positions of a certain subject teacher are not necessarily available for all days. Your working opportunities increase if you are interested in working as a school attendance councillor as well.

Substitute teacher’s salary

The city of the school district is the substitute teacher’s employer and salary provider. The collective agreement to be followed in the employment relationship is KVTES.

Suitable background, required permits and certificates

  • A teacher’s qualification or subject or class teacher studies. You can also apply with a solid experience in the teacher’s duties, as well as with sufficient knowledge of the subjects taught.
  • Qualification and employment certificates
  • Criminal records extract