Working as a child carer

In early childhood education, child carer (lastenhoitaja) is responsible for the care, education and teaching of the children according to their age and development level.

In practice, the job is basic care and nurturing of children, guiding crafts and play, supervising outdoor activities, helping children with dressing and eating, and dialogue with parents.

Child carer can work through Seure in public-owned day care centres in the capital region. They can also work in group family daycare centres or playground parks.

The most important skills of a Child carer are interaction, guidance and cooperation skills. In addition, the tasks include observing children’s well-being and organizing the care of a sick child, as well as caring for children who need special care (e.g. due to diabetes).

Through Seure, you can work as an early childhood child carer with a suitable education on the field (for example varhaiskasvatuksen lastenhoitaja, päivähoitaja), a degree in social and health care (e.g. practical nurse) or a degree in education and guidance (lastenohjaaja).

You can also work as a day care worker with work experience with children, such as experience in daycare work or family daycare work, internship experience in the field, or, on a case-by-case basis, other experience working with children that supports daycare work.

If a person has no experience in a daycare centre or training in the field, but is otherwise motivated and suitable for the job, the job can also be started by a familiarization route. We organize familiarization courses regularly, and they can be found on our open job positions page.

Other prerequisites for the job include a basic use of Finnish language. We also require a criminal background check from everyone who works with children.

Child carer’s salary

Our job advertisements indicate the exact salary or wages with possible bonuses. In gig work (on-demand work), wages are paid twice a month. For gig work, holiday bonus is also paid with the wages. Read more about the wages in Seure.

Suitable background, required permits and certificates

  • A suitable education on the field (for example varhaiskasvatuksen lastenhoitajapäivähoitaja), a degree in social and health care (e.g. practical nurse) or a degree in education and guidance (lastenohjaaja).
  • It is also possible to work as a student on the field of childhood education, or with suitable work experience in day care work or other work with children.
  • Qualification and employment certificates
  • Criminal records extract