Working as a public health nurse

A public health nurse (terveydenhoitaja) is an expert in nursing, primary health care and preventive work.

Most of the jobs available for a public health nurse are at health centres, but also in schools as a school nurse, at maternity and child health clinics to support children, infants and parents, and in home care. There are workplaces in all the cities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Public health nurse’s salary

Our job advertisements indicate the exact salary or wages with possible bonuses. In gig work (on-demand work), wages are paid twice a month. In addition to the basic pay, we pay bonuses for experience and inconvenient working hours. For gig work, holiday bonus is also paid with the wages. Read more about the wages in Seure.

Suitable background, required permits and certificates

  • You have a public health nurse degree or are a student in the field
  • Qualification and employment certificates
  • Valvira registration (graduates in the field)
  • Depending on the position, adequate vaccine protection as required by the Communicable Diseases Act
  • Finnish or Swedish skills required for the successful performance of duties
  • If the work is carried out in premises with children: criminal records extract