Tips for successful gig work

How gigs work, and how to succeed in gig work? We have compiled practical instructions for you. Take our tips and tricks to use for a for a successful working day.

Booking gig work

  • Once you have been hired by Seure, you can start booking gigs using the OmaSeure mobile app.
  • You can choose which working days you want to work from those available. You can book shifts marked Varaa nyt (Book now) right away and they will be yours.
  • Shifts are either offered on the morning of the working day or you can book them in advance. It is the nature of gig work that gigs may be offered at very short notice, so it is advisable to plan the days as working days in advance, even if you only book the shift on the morning of the working day.
  • A booked shift constitutes an employment contract. Therefore, a booked shift cannot be cancelled.

Prepare for your gig

  • If you are taking shifts that begin on the same morning, it is a good idea to have a packed bag ready with your work shoes, name tag, a change of socks, an empty water bottle and a snack. This will help you get moving.
  • When booking a gig, make sure your commute will go smoothly and you will arrive at the workplace on time.
  • For one-day substitution gigs, it is a good idea to check the weather forecast and pick your clothes and other gear accordingly. For gigs lasting multiple days, you can bring a bag to the workplace with equipment for rainy days.
  • Please dress neatly. For example, if your workwear includes a Seure T-shirt, order a new shirt in good time before the old one becomes worn. Also try to avoid strong fragrances at work.

Arriving at a new workplace

  • In OmaSeure’s workplace descriptions, you will find some necessary information, such as the address and telephone number. When you have booked a shift, you can get more detailed information.
  • Save the number on your phone. If there are delays in traffic, you can call and say that you will be late.
  • At the workplace, introduce yourself and mention the job that you are going to do.
  • If you are there for the first time, mention this and ask if there are any workplace-specific instructions you should take into account.

During the working day

  • An open mind and polite behaviour are par for the course. Do not hesitate to start work and ask questions during the day if something is unclear.
  • Methods may vary between workplaces. If you are unfamiliar with something, say it straight. Guessing could lead to dangerous situations.
  • Be aware of the tasks and responsibilities involved in your work. In unclear cases, you can ask the supervisor at the workplace or, if something keeps bothering you, contact Seure.
  • Remember to also introduce yourself to the clients or customers and tell them you are a substitute.
  • Be sure to take your lunch break, so you will have the energy to work.
  • Pay attention to any other substitutes. An experienced substitute is often best at advising new ones.
  • When you leave, say thank you and, if the place was nice, say you would be happy to come back.

The supervisor at the workplace is also your supervisor

  • Gig workers work under the supervision and monitoring of the workplace. This means that the manager at the workplace is your supervisor during the gig.
  • The workplace is responsible for the occupational safety of the employees, including your safety. As an employee, you are always obliged to follow the instructions at the workplace, including the use of protective equipment, such as face masks.

How to turn your gig work into a career

  • Be yourself. People will take note of you when you are relaxed and sincere, and do not hesitate to ask questions.
  • A gig worker should also build networking relationships. Gradually, you will have a network where you can return to familiar workplaces from time to time and sometimes also visit new workplaces.
  • In gig work, it is worth taking a moment to plan and schedule. It is a good idea to think in advance about where you are going and when, ensure you know the way and know what kind of group you are going to.
  • When you act naturally as part of the work community, others will also see you as part of the team. If you like the workplace and would like to work there again, talk about it and let the people at the workplace know why you think it is nice.
  • Be positive and polite to both customers and colleagues. This will ensure that you get the same treatment back. You and your work will be appreciated.