Seure’s jobs in food & kitchen services

In food services, the workplaces are the kitchens of schools, day-care centres and health care facilities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The kitchens of municipal meal or food services operate according to many different operating principles. Professional kitchens include several different types of kitchens, ranging in size from kitchens with dozens of employees to small kitchens where employees work alone.

The various types of kitchens include, for example, preparation, central, serving and heating kitchens.

Central/production kitchens produce foods for transport to serving and heating kitchens. They also deliver home service meals in portion packs. The products can be delivered hot, cold or chilled.

In a heating or service kitchen, hot, cold or chilled products from the central kitchen are finished or heated. Breakfast and snacks, special diets, salads, sides and vegetable side dishes may be prepared on site in the kitchen.

A serving kitchen serves ready-to-serve products received from the central kitchen. A serving kitchen does not prepare food itself.

Kitchen work is available from one-day substitutions to longer employment relationships. Shifts mostly take place on weekdays, from 7:00 to 15:00. Working in a kitchen requires good physical fitness.

We recruit employees for fixed-term contracts of different lengths and for various jobs throughout the year, from around July to the end of April for gig work, and also during the summer and at the turn of the year for fixed-term employment relationships. If you have no previous experience or insufficient experience, we can offer you a path towards employment at Seure through orientation gigs.

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