Seure’s jobs in daycare sector

Work in early childhood education

Through Seure, you can work as a child carer, a daycare assistant, or as an early childhood education teacher in kindergartens and playgrounds.

Jobs in early childhood education range from one-day gigs to a fixed-term employment lasting a semester or the entire school year. There are plenty of jobs on offer, so it’s easy to choose a way of working that fit for your life situation.

We recruit daycare personnel for fixed-term employment relationships of different lengths and for different work tasks throughout the year. From the middle of July to the beginning of June, we recruit employees for short employment relationships, i.e., gig work. We primarily recruit for semester-long or academic-year-long temporary employment relationships during the summer, and early fall, but also throughout the academic year if necessary.

Daycare worker’s salary is determined according to the relevant education and experience for the position.

Work in daycare requires an effortless use of basic Finnish language, as you will be communicating with both the children and your colleagues. There are also work available in Swedish-speaking kindergartens.

We require a criminal background check (rikostaustaote) from everyone who works with children.

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