Language requirements in Seure

Seure is a diverse employer. We employ workers based only on skills needed for job positions.

All of our positions require basic Finnish (or Swedish) skills. This is because Finnish is generally spoken in the workplaces where our personnel go to work. This means that workers need to be able to communicate in Finnish in their work environment.

When working as substitute staff, most work shifts start with a quick introduction to the assignment in the workplace. Our worker must be able to understand their assignment according to instructions given in Finnish.

Our employees must also be able to use our work shift booking system Keikkanetti, which is currently available only in Finnish. For these reasons, Seure’s job postings are also in Finnish, as are our job interviews.

We require Finnish skills needed for your job field

We don’t require fluent Finnish language skills or any kind of language certificate. Basic skills and ability to communicate using words used in your work field is enough. However, as we say in our open positions, we require sufficient Finnish language skills for performing in your job.

Tell us about your language skills at the application stage

If you think you have the needed Finnish skills for everyday work and you can show those skills in a job interview, you are welcome to apply!

Tell us your Finnish language skills already in your application. We do not require official language tests, your assessment of your skills and possibly examples of where you have used the language will suffice.

Alongside Finnish, we offer positions in which you work in Swedish.

Read more: Information for applying a foreign applicant.