Details of wages in all of our job notices

Where can you find information about the pay of a teaching assistant or practical nurse, for example? In all job notices for leased employees, Seure indicates the hourly wages or monthly salary according to the collective agreement followed in the employment relationship. You can easily find out hourly wages and monthly salaries paid for various sectors by browsing our notifications.

Wage information in job posts

In addition to the pay (basic pay) shown in the notice, we pay any experience allowance according to the collective agreement and compensation for inconvenient working hours, for instance.

In short-term leased gig work employment, we also pay holiday compensation (9–14%) upon every payment of wages. Read more about the formation of gross pay.

If pay is not indicated in a job notice (Job notices for Seure’s office personnel), you can ask about it from the recruitment contact person or during the job interview at the latest.