Internal job search for current employees

If you are already a Seure employee, you can apply for new jobs easily through our internal job search. 

In other words, you do not need to apply for a new job through a job advertisement on, but through OmaSeure’s job listings instead.

There are plenty of jobs available for Seure employees in our internal job offering, which will not be brought to the public job listing.

How to apply internally for fixed-term jobs with a monthly salary

  • Log in to OmaSeure
  • Go to Haku (Search). Make sure that the date filter at the top of the search bar has an end time that is late enough, for example, until the end of the year.
  • Go to Suodata (Filter) and make sure the Soveltuvat (Suitable) option is on. Suitable shifts are suitable for you, often longer ones. However, you cannot book them directly.
  • Apply for the task by opening the shift details and clicking Kiinnostunut (Interested). If the shift is allocated to you, you will receive a separate notification from Seure.

Your application for the job is automatically valid as long as it is possible to apply for the job in OmaSeure.

How to apply internally for gig work

The gigs that are suitable for you are automatically awailable for you to choose from. You can make the offering wider by broadning your working areas or work titles.

You can manage and choose more working areas by yourself in OmaSeure. (For example if you work in schools in Helsinki, you can choose that OmaSeure lets you see the gig offerings in Espoo and Helsinki, too.)

For broading your work to include working with different work titles, you can request new work titles with this form.

We also offer our employees training and orientation, through which you can expand your tasks. Read more about available trainings in Employee’s Portal guide.