Working as School attendance counsellor

School attendance counsellor (koulunkäynninohjaaja) guides, motivates, and supports students’ learning and growth. Important part of your work is taking care of the students’ well-being.

The school attendance counsellor can work as a group assistant in general education, in small groups in special education or as a personal assistant for integrated students who need special support. In addition to this, the school attendance counsellor can also work as an assistant to students with developmental disabilities or autism, or in the school’s morning and afternoon activities.

Along with the teacher, the guidance counsellor participates in the education and guidance of the student in elementary or middle school, mainly in special classes. The teacher is responsible for the teaching and the group.

The job can consist of helping, for example, students with learning difficulties, physical or sensory disabilities, or behavioural and emotional challenges. The job description of a school attendance counsellor is versatile and is determined by the special needs of the class and students.

The workday of a school counsellor can include, for example, supervising students’ taxi rides, assisting in lessons, supervising recess and meals, and guiding small groups. The work of a school guidance counsellor includes helping and supporting the student in tasks the students have difficulties, such as dressing, eating or moving around. The work can also use communication tools and aids that support and replace speech, such as pictures and signs. The work of a school guidance counsellor requires patience, a positive attitude and communication skills.

School attendance counsellor’s salary

Our job advertisements indicate the exact salary or wages with possible bonuses. In gig work (on-demand work), wages are paid twice a month. For gig work, holiday bonus is also paid with the wages. Read more about the wages in Seure.

Suitable background, required permits and certificates

  • Work experience in the independent cleaning of day-care centres or similar facilities, or training in the field, such as the Vocational Qualification in Cleaning and Property Services.
  • Education or studies suitable for the position (e.g. koulunkäynnin ja aamu- ja iltapäivätoiminnan ohjauksen ammattitutkinto)
  • You can also apply with work experience in the field or other experience that supports working with school aged children
  • Qualification and employment certificates
  • Criminal records extract