Seure’s other work opportunities 

We offer a wide range of job opportunities in addition to the jobs healthcare, schools and daycare. These include jobs in culture, sports, property maintenance, and youth work.

From time to time, we also seek candidates for more specialized roles such as librarians, project workers, and youth counselors. Most of these jobs are first offered to people who either already work in Seure, or have already worked as temp workers in the workplace that’s seeking new personnel.

Opportunities to expand your working in Seure

For those already working at Seure, there are opportunities to expand your role into new areas based on your interests. These new job openings and employment opportunities are only available internally to those who have already started working at Seure.

Some of the internal job openings include positions such as night watchman, school facility supervisor, property caretaker, coat check attendant, security guard, library clerk, fitness instructor, museum guide, and ticket seller.

Currently we do not accept open applications for these positions, but offer these more infrequent opportunities first to our current workers.

Work in Seure’s office to build better employee experience

Interested in working at Seuren’s office? Seure’s administrative staff in an unique team of professionals in employer and customer services. Additionally, our staff includes experts in payroll, HR, sales, data, management, and service production.

Follow our job adverticements and LinkedIn to see when we seek new professionals for our administrative crew!