Work without training – find employment through hobbies or practical experience

Through Seure, you can also work as a school assistant or in child-care without any training or work experience in the field, if you are otherwise suited and motivated to work with children.

Do you coach junior figure skaters, run a parish club or organise crafts for children at a family camp, or have you perhaps been a scout leader? Working with children does not always require formal training in the field; what is most important is motivation and a confident approach to work. Suitable work experience includes, for example, hobby activities as a coach or a club instructor.

If the person is otherwise suitable for the field, appropriate work experience may also be gained by, for example, taking care of one’s own child with intellectual disabilities.

For hobbies or volunteer work involving group guidance or customer service for instance, it is always a good idea to ask for a certificate. Certificates of employment or participation may later be useful when applying for a job or a study place.

If you are not familiar with work at a day-care centre or school, you can apply for the field through a recruitment familiarzation period.

Put your experience into words in the application

When applying with competence accumulated through hobbies, think about what kind of experience and skills you have gained from your hobby. For example, scout activities or confirmation camps bring experience in guiding groups of children, and assisting in sports competitions familiarises you with customer service and working with children.