Work during your final year of upper secondary school or during a gap year

Finished upper secondary school and not sure what to do in the future? At Seure, you can find employment even if your career or study plans are still incomplete. Seure employs hundreds of young adults every year.

By working for Seure during your gap year, you will earn money, maintain good daily routines and accumulate valuable work experience for the future. You can determine for yourself what the right amount of work for you is.

Working as a classroom assistant or childminder during a gap year is popular among young people. Many people interested in teaching, care work or social work choose to work as a classroom assistant, childminder or day-care assistant to accumulate work experience for the future. The work is suitable for young people with initiative and a responsible approach, also those aiming to work in other fields.

We require our employees to be at least 18 years old.

It pays to apply from different backgrounds

Employment at Seure does not necessarily require a degree or work experience in the field; you can start working immediately even without much experience. It is possible to find employment at Seure as a childminder or school assistant with experience gained through hobbies (for example, a scout leader, club instructor or junior sports coach).

All jobs at Seure are subject to a collective agreement. You will also receive a certificate of employment for all jobs.

See open positions for childminders and classroom assistants.