On-demand work, Gig work

Most of Seure’s employees work as substitute personnel. Because of this, the majority of the work Seure offers is on-demand work: a day’s shift or perhaps a week. A relevant aspect of on-demand work is that the workplace changes repeatedly.

The availability of on-demand work (gig work, keikkatyö) depends on the type of work. Some fields of work have more shifts available, and you may be able to work for the whole working week without a day off. Other fields of work, however, have less shifts on offer or the shifts might be shorter than a full working day.

Our on-demand employees receive their pay twice a month. On-demand work won’t gather you traditional paid summer vacation days, but instead vacation compensation is paid to you every payday.

On-demand work brings you flexibility

  • You can choose how much, when and where you work.
  • Work adapts to your life situation. For example, you can work during your studies, or you can ease into work after childcare leave.
  • You can learn about different workplaces and expand your network.
  • Your total income increases by working on demand as a side job.
  • Work shifts are easy to book with OmaSeure mobile application.

How to work on demand

  • After you have applied for a position at Seure and Seure has hired you, you may start working on demand.
  • You can in most cases decide for yourself in which cities and on which days you work.
  • OmaSeure makes it easy to book shifts.
    • You are automatically offered only the type of work for which you are qualified.
    • You can propose shifts that are suitable for you.
    • Seure may also recommend shifts directly to you.
  • Work shifts are either available in the morning of the shift or they can be booked in advance.
  • When you book a shift, you agree to work on the shift. You can’t cancel a shift after booking.
  • After a couple of gigs, your way of working gets familiar and easy! See also our tips for a succesfull work gig.