Temporary work or gig work alongside other work

Temporary work is a practical way to increase your income and gain new work experience. You can do temporary work alongside part-time or full-time work, taking into account the necessary rest time.

Please also note that you cannot book a temporary job at the same work site and on the same day as where you normally work.

Due to collective agreements, you can work in Seure either as a gig worker or as a fixed term worker, but it’s not possible to do gig work and fixed term work at the same time so that Seure would be your employer in both.

All of our positions require basic Finnish skills. This is because Finnish is generally spoken in the workplaces where our personnel go to work. This means that workers need to be able to communicate in Finnish in their work environment.

When working as substitute staff, most work shifts start with a quick introduction to the assignment in the workplace. Our worker must be able to understand their assignment according to instructions given in Finnish.

Our employees must also be able to use our mobile work shift booking system OmaSeure which is available in Finnish.