If you are motivated to work as a child caregiver at a nursery or a daycare, for example, but you haven’t completed suitable training or you don’t have yet have work experience from the job, you can apply for a work familiarization organized by Seure.

 Familiarization (työhön tutustuminen) is a period during which you learn the practicalities of working in the applied work position in question. This period is also your recruiting process: During it, Seure’s recruiters and the job facility evaluate your suitability for the job, for example your ability to work with children. During the period you can also evaluate if the work would be suitable for you.

We announce the familiarization opportunities on our job listing. After the familiarization period, Seure can employ you as a child caregiver, meaning you would then be able to work at nurseries or kindergartens.

Familiarization period usually consists of two theory-oriented days and a training period.

New oppertunities for those that already professionals on their fields

In addition to työhön tutustuminen, which is meant for persons without the background education on the field, we also offer perehdytys, which are meant for people who are already professionals on their fild, but need a familiarization for a specific job.

  • Perehdytys can be a familiarization period for practical nurses who are interested in working in home care services.
  • The familiarizations in the kitchen and cleaning industries help acquire additional industry-specific skills and vocational competence.

Basic skills in the Finnish language are required in order to participate in familiarization.

We announce available familiarizations in Finnish on our Open positions.