Working with a work permit

Seure is a genuinely inclusive employer. Our staff represent 95 nationalities.

No work permit is required from citizens of EU/EEA countries. Read more.

For non-EU/EEA country citizens, working at Seure requires a valid work permit or another right to work as well as, relative to the requirements of the job, adequate language skills, competence and an attitude suitable for temporary work.

You’ll also need a Finnish personal identity number, a bank account and an e-mail address.

In addition, you must have access to a smartphone in order to book shifts in OmaSeure.

Some jobs offered by Seure require a degree, but we also offer many jobs which provide a good basis for working at Seure based on, for example, experience acquired in a work try-out. Seure also provides orientation sessions which help you enhance your competence and receive more temporary job opportunities.