Employment with monthly pay, Fixed-term work

In addition to on-demand work, you can find monthly salary jobs via Seure. Employment with monthly pay may last from 16 days up to several months.

Employment lasting more than 3 months is typical at schools, daycares and nurseries. Schools often provide fixed-term work for the whole school year.

Employment with monthly pay includes fixed weekly working hours as well as monthly salary.

If your fixed-term employment is longer than three months (90 days), with more than 20 hour work week, you will receive employer benefits like occupational health care and sports, cultural, well-being and commuting benefits.

Mobile personnel (Kiertävä työntekijä)

Job as a member of mobile personnel offers varied work where you know your shifts and salary in advance.

In fixed-term jobs, your workplace stays the same. An exception to this are the jobs where your placement changes according to the need for substitute empoyers. You will know your work shift times beforehand, but you’ll be informed of your placement only, for example, the previous day. This form of work is called kiertävä työntekijä.