Working as a job applicant receiving unempoyment benefits

Working at Seure is worthwhile even when your main source of income is unemployment benefit.

You can personally choose your working hours, and your salary is always in accordance with the collective agreement. In temporary employment with an hourly salary, you can easily predict the amount of pay you will get as well as the date of payment. For temporary work, we pay the salary for shifts completed on the 1–15th of each month on the last working day of the same month. For shifts completed on the 16–31st of the month, we pay the salary on the 15th of the following month.

You can do temporary work and, at the same time, receive adjusted unemployment benefits for the days you are not working. You can earn EUR 300 per month without your income affecting your unemployment benefit.

Example: A dishwasher’s basic salary is EUR 11.22/hour, and a typical work shift lasts 4 hours. By completing six shifts per month, you will earn a little less than EUR 300 with the holiday compensation included. Because your earnings remain below the limit, they will not reduce your unemployment benefit and you will also meet the activity condition. If the adjusted period is four weeks, you will remain below the limit if you complete five work shifts.

More information on the adjusted employment benefit is available on Kela’s (the Finnish Social Insurance Institution) website.