Employees report sick leaves to Seure by text message

Seure’s employee, if you or your child gets sick, report your absence to Seure by text message. You can report the absence as soon as you have confirmed the need for it. Under certain conditions, the absence must be reported by telephone; please scroll down the page to see the instructions.

  • You may only report today’s or tomorrow’s acute absences by text message. Accidents, doctor visits and other absences are reported by phone.
  • You may report three days of absence per week by text message. If your absence continues longer than this, please contact Seure’s telephone service.
  • Each day of absence must be reported by a separate message. Providing a sick leave certificate is not a sufficient reporting by itself.
  • Please remember to report your illness to the workplace by telephone in the manner you have agreed.
  • Read the return message carefully as it contains important instructions.

Sending the text message costs the normal text message rate.

Making a text message report

Before reporting an absence by text message, you must give Seure permission to process text messages. Give the permission here.

Send the text message from your own telephone number, which you have given to Seure. You can update your telephone number in Keikkanetti on the Omat tiedot tab.

Send the following message to 050 902 3508:

  • S, if you are sick.
  • LS, if your child is sick.
  • The date of your absence in the format dd.mm.yy
  • The working hours of your shift in the format 00.00-00.00

Put spaces between the pieces of information. Do not write any extra text in the message.


S 18.08.2020 08.00-16.00

LS 18.08.2020 08.00-16.00

If your reporting is successful, you will receive the reply “Poissaoloilmoituksesi on vastaanotettu” (“Your absence notification has been received”). You will also receive a reply if the reporting failed. The reply may also contain additional instructions.

Send a text message as soon as possible

You can send a text message any day, any time. Please note that you must report your absence well before the start of your shift.

The text message should be sent as soon as you know about your absence so that the search for a substitute can be done in time.

Reporting illness by telephone

Please note that in the following cases you still must report your illness by telephone:

  • It has been separately agreed with you to report your absences by telephone.
  • Your illness or temporary child care leave lasts longer than three calendar days.
  • You have had an occupational accident.
  • You fall ill in the middle of the working day.
  • You are going to have a planned absence due to a medical procedure.
  • You are unable to report your absence by text message.
  • You work in the service sector in tasks other than kitchen and cleaning work.

Customer service line for the absence notices is open: Mon-Fri at 6.30–14.00

The phone number for absence notices is 09 329 73200.