How do I inform Seure about my sick leave?

When you get sick you will need to report it as soon as possible.

  • Notify the workplace about your absence by a phone call. You will find the number from the additional information of the work shift in OmaSeure mobile app.
  • You will also need to inform Seure. You can report the first three days of your sick leave in OmaSeure. See instructions for how to report a sick leave.
  • If you can’t report your absence in OmaSeure for some reason, please notify us by a phone call. See contact details.

Sick leave certificate

Sick leave certificate is obtained from the local health care center.

  • In employment relationships of less than three months’ duration, the sick leave certificate must be submitted from the first day of sick leave.
  • In employment relationship of over three months, Seure will assess whether you should submit a sick leave certificate from the first day of sick leave.
  • Deliver the sick leave certificate to Seure via OmaSeure.
  • Additional information about sick leave certificate can be found from Työntekijän Portaali.

Absence for other reasons

Any other than acute absence have to be agreed with Seure beforehand. Instructions for how to request holiday or leave can be found from Työntekijän Portaali.