How to apply for Seure’s jobs

How to apply for jobs

You can apply for jobs at Seure by filling an online form, with your CV information and a job application.

Note: You have to fill the application in Finnish, and our job interviews are held in Finnish.

  • Browse our Open positions page (Avoimet työpaikat) to find a job that interests you.
  • In the job posting, clicking Hae työpaikkaa (apply) transfers you to our employment application system.
    • First, you need to register yourself in our system as a job applicant.
    • Click Rekisteröidy (register).
    • Fill in your first name, surname and email address, and create a password for yourself.
    • After this, the system sends you an automated email with the subject headline “Kirjautumistunnukset Contactor järjestelmään.” Don’t lose this email since it has your username (6-digit number) for the Keikkanetti service.
  • After registration, fill out your CV and application in Finnish.
  • If you are interested in multiple jobs, apply for the job that interests you the most. In your application, write in the open field text box the other currently open positions that interest you.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your submitted application to your email.

We’ll contact you once your application is processed. We contact all of our applicants.

  • If we are able to offer work that matches your qualifications, we will contact you  by phone or by email to invite you to our office for a job interview.
  • Before the interview, we’ll send you an email containing a list of certificates and documents needed for the interview. Please bring them with you to the interview. Also bring your ID and possible work permit with you.
  • One of our human resources consultants will interview you. If Seure decides to employ you, he or she will show you how to use the Keikkanetti service, after which you may start working as soon as you wish.