OmaSeure – Choose and manage your work shifts – Your contact to Seure

Seure employees can access the OmaSeure mobile app

OmaSeure is a mobile application for easy browsing and booking of shifts for Seure employees. You will get a password to OmaSeure once you have been accepted as a Seure employee.

pictures of OmaSeure app

Download OmaSeure on your phone

Seure employee, download OmaSeure on your phone to book shifts wherever and whenever you want:

To download the OmaSeure application, the country setting in the application store must be Finland. Instructions for changing the country: App Store, Google Play

In OmaSeure, you can

  • browse and book shifts
  • select the cities for which you want to see work shifts (Työskentelykaupungit)
  • send messages to Seure
  • report an absence
  • submit documents
  • manage your calendar
  • manage your personal information
  • read news
  • access the Portal guide (Portaali) for Seure employees

OmaSeure user guide

You can find instructions on how to use OmaSeure in the Portal guide (Portaali) for Seure employees. Portaali is available in OmaSeure.

Forgot your password?

You will receive a new password in your e-mail by using Unohditko salasanasi? on the OmaSeure login page.