OmaSeure and Keikkanetti – shifts and contact to Seure

Seure employees can access the OmaSeure mobile app and Keikkanetti service

OmaSeure and Keikkanetti are services intended for Seure employees. OmaSeure and Keikkanetti are available in Finnish.

You will get an employee ID for OmaSeure and Keikkanetti once you have been accepted as a Seure employee. Your employee ID also serves as your Seure employee number.

When you log in to Keikkanetti for the first time with the employee ID, you accept the essential terms and conditions of the employment relationship. After this, you can also log in to OmaSeure.

OmaSeure – your shifts in your pocket

OmaSeure is a mobile application for easy browsing and booking of shifts.

Download the current OmaSeure on your phone and use it until 15 June 2023 :

Download the new Työntekijän OmaSeure on your phone and use it from 19 June 2023 onwards:

In OmaSeure, you can

  • browse and book shifts
  • send messages to Seure
  • report an absence
  • submit documents
  • manage your calendar
  • manage your personal information
  • enrol for training
  • read news
  • give feedback

Keikkanetti – payslips and employment contracts

Besides the OmaSeure mobile app, Seure employees have access to the Keikkanetti service. Keikkanetti works best on a computer.

In Keikkanetti, you can

  • view your Seure payslips
  • view your job titles and hourly wages
  • explore essential employment terms
  • download fixed-term employment contracts
  • withdraw shift proposals

OmaSeure and Keikkanetti – user guides

You can find instructions on how to use OmaSeure and Keikkanetti in the Portaali (Portal) guide for Seure employees. Employees’ Portaali guide is available on OmaSeura and Keikkanetti’s front page.

Forgot your password? Request a new password for OmaSeure and Keikkanetti with the employee ID

You will receive a new password in your e-mail by using the Forgot Password button on the OmaSeure or Keikkanetti login page. You must request the new password using your employee ID, which is the same as your Seure employee number. If you have forgotten your employee ID, please call our employee service.

Download OmaSeure on your phone

Download OmaSeure on your phone to book shifts wherever and whenever you want.