Working as a Care assistant

For care assistants (hoiva-avustaja), Seure offers jobs in work with the elderly. Assistive tasks include taking care of clients’ basic needs, such as helping with washing, eating, dressing and moving around, as well as cleaning.

Care assistants also participate in maintaining clients’ ability to function and providing stimuli by accompanying them outdoors and having conversations with them.

A care assistant is not a qualified professional in social welfare and health care, and the job does not require Valvira registration. Care assistants do not perform medication-related tasks.

At Seure, care assistants can work with the elderly at various types of workplaces, such as senior centres, residential care homes, group homes, care homes, day activities and long-term treatment wards. The clients are very different in terms of their age, functional capacity and illnesses.

We require the training of a care assistant, home helper or practical nurse for the position. The position is also suitable for practical nursing students who have work experience or practical training experience in work with the elderly. In addition to practical skills, the employee is required to be self-directed, patient and empathetic. Work with the elderly emphasises good interpersonal, interaction and cooperation skills.

Care assistant’s salary

Our job advertisements indicate the exact salary or wages with possible bonuses. In gig work (on-demand work), wages are paid twice a month. In addition to the basic pay, we pay bonuses for experience and inconvenient working hours. For gig work, holiday bonus is also paid with the wages. Read more about the wages in Seure.

Suitable background, required permits and certificates

  • Training of a care assistant, home helper or practical nurse
  • Practical training or work experience in work with the elderly
  • You can also be a practical nursing student with work experience or practical training experience in work with the elderly
  • Qualification and employment or practical training certificates
  • Finnish or Swedish skills required for the successful performance of duties

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