Temporary employment in different life situations

Temporary employment is suitable for many situations in life

Temporary employment is rewarding and suitable for many situations in life, whether you are a student, pensioner, entrepreneur, job applicant or returning to working life. You can earn extra income through temporary employment and keep in touch with working life. 

Working at Seure is worthwhile even when your main source of income is unemployment benefit. You can personally choose your working hours, and your salary is always in accordance with the collective agreement. In temporary employment with an hourly salary, you can easily predict the amount of pay you will get as well as the date of payment. For temporary work, we pay the salary for shifts completed on the 1–15th of each month on the last working day of the same month. For shifts completed on the 16–31st of the month, we pay the salary on the 15th of the following month.

You can do temporary work and, at the same time, receive adjusted unemployment benefits for the days you are not working. You can earn EUR 300 per month without your income affecting your unemployment benefit.

Example: A dishwasher’s basic salary is EUR 11.22/hour, and a typical work shift lasts 4 hours. By completing six shifts per month, you will earn a little less than EUR 300 with the holiday compensation included. Because your earnings remain below the limit, they will not reduce your unemployment benefit and you will also meet the activity condition. If the adjusted period is four weeks, you will remain below the limit if you complete five work shifts.

More information on the adjusted employment benefit is available on Kela’s (the Finnish Social Insurance Institution) website.

Seure is a genuinely inclusive employer. Our staff represent 95 nationalities.

Working at Seure requires a valid work permit or another right to work as well as, relative to the requirements of the job, adequate language skills, competence and an attitude suitable for temporary work. No work permit is required from citizens of EU/EEA countries. Read more.

You’ll also need a Finnish personal identity number, a bank account and an e-mail address.

In addition, you must have access to a smartphone in order to book shifts in OmaSeure.

Some jobs offered by Seure require a degree, but we also offer many jobs which provide a good basis for working at Seure based on, for example, experience acquired in a work try-out. Seure also provides orientation sessions which help you enhance your competence and receive more temporary job opportunities.

Are you happily in retirement but still have some energy left for working? An experienced worker is a welcome addition to many workplaces, and you can work whenever you feel like it through Seure. There are no income limits in retirement pension and part-time early retirement pension.

You will accrue additional pension by working until you turn 68. Those born after 1957 will accrue pension even longer.

Temporary work does not necessarily require predicting and scheduling; you can book a shift even for the same day. Keikkanetti, used for booking shifts, requires a computer or smartphone but is easy to use. You can instantly see the shifts provided by Seure. One press of a button and the shift is yours – perhaps today should be a working day?

More information about working while in retirement is available on the Keva website.

If you are on child-care leave and your child is not in municipal day care, you may be entitled to child home care allowance. You can work and receive child home care allowance at the same time, and your earnings do not affect the amount of the home care allowance. However, keep in mind that if you receive home care supplement, the combined income of the family affects the amount of home care supplement. The parents can also work part-time and take turns caring for the child. For this period, Kela pays partial parental allowance to both parents.

During a maternity, paternity or parental allowance period, you can work on Sundays and mid-week holidays without your earnings affecting the daily allowance.

Read more about child home care allowance on Kela’s website.

You can earn additional income without losing your study grant until the annual income limit defined by Kela is reached. The annual income limit is determined based on the number of months for which you receive student financial aid.

Example: If you receive financial aid from January to May and from September to December, you can earn a total of EUR 11,973 that year without your earnings affecting the amount of student financial aid.

If your income exceeds the study grant income limit, you can do the following: apply for financial aid for only some months of study, cancel the financial aid you have applied for in advance or return some of the aid paid to you. If necessary, you can use your unused aid months later.

Read more about study grant income limit on Kela’s website.

Do you dream about having your own company or one-person business? Temporary work may help balance your finances in the early stages of entrepreneurship or if it is part-time. Watch the video: Satu Viiala and Laura Tuhkanen are entrepreneurs and temporary workers.

Keep in mind that you can only work as an employee at Seure, not under a business name or your own company.

Temporary work is a practical way to increase your income and gain new work experience. You can do temporary work alongside part-time or full-time work, taking into account the necessary rest time. Please also note that you cannot book a temporary job at the same work site and on the same day as where you normally work.

All of our positions require basic Finnish skills. This is because Finnish is generally spoken in the workplaces where our personnel go to work. This means that workers need to be able to communicate in Finnish in their work environment.

When working as substitute staff, most work shifts start with a quick introduction to the assignment in the workplace. Our worker must be able to understand their assignment according to instructions given in Finnish.

Our employees must also be able to use our work shift booking system Keikkanetti, which is currently available only in Finnish.