Work and military service

Completed your military service and waiting for entrance exams? Or have you already got a place to study, but there is still some time before your studies start? You can do gig work or work with a longer fixed-term contract for Seure at a school or day-care centre.

By working at Seure, you can earn money for your future studies while maintaining good daily routines.

Be sure to bring the benefits of military service with you to your job applications and working life:

  • You have good teamwork skills.
  • You can work with various kinds of people.
  • You have experience in various interactive situations.
  • You have the ability to adapt to changing situations.
  • You do not give up, and you take responsibility for your own performance.
  • You have a bold attitude and take initiative.

You can work as a childminder or classroom assistant if you have, for example:

  • experience in guiding groups of children (for example, clubs, camps, sports clubs or scouts) or working with children or young people with special needs
  • responsibility, initiative and good interaction skills
  • a genuine interest in working with and for the benefit of children and young people

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