Familiarization (Perehdytys)

If you are motivated to work as a child caregiver at a nursery or a kindergarten, for example, but you haven’t completed suitable training, you can apply for a work familiarization organized by Seure.

 Familiarization is a period during which you learn the practicalities of working in the applied work position in question.

After the familiarization period, Seure can employ you as a child caregiver, meaning you would then be able to work at nurseries or kindergartens.

Familiarization period usually consists of two theory-oriented days and a training period.

  • We also provide familiarization periods for practical nurses who are interested in working in home care services.
  • The familiarizations in the kitchen and cleaning industries help acquire additional industry-specific skills and vocational competence.

Basic skills in the Finnish language are required in order to participate in familiarization.

We announce available familiarizations in Finnish on our Open positions.

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