Seure as an employer

At Seure, accountability is a key foundation of our activities. We employ a large number of people in different life situations and support their careers. In 2019, our staff pool included more than 15,000 active employees who had the opportunity to work in thousands of jobs. Read more about the different ways to work at Seure

A reliable employer

Seure employees always see their shifts in advance and also check and acknowledge that the work done corresponds to the planned work. We pay regularly and on time. You will get the payslip directly in our shifts booking system, Keikkanetti. 

There are two different collective agreements in use at Seure: AVAINTES (employment relationships of at least 16 consecutive days) and SEURETES (employment relationships of less than 16 consecutive days). In AVAINTES employment relationships, we pay wages once a month, and in SEURETES employment relationships we pay wages twice a month.

We pay competitive wages, and it is easy to compare wages because we announce wages in advance in temporary agency workers’ job advertisements. You will also receive a certificate of employment for all Seure employment relationships.

You decide your direction – We take care of employment matters for you

We comply with the collective agreement, the Employment Contracts Act and other laws defining the employee’s employment relationship. At Seure, you can work without worrying – Your salary matters, employee insurance, statutory occupational health care, employer’s reporting obligations and other employment issues are in order. In case of doubt, you can first contact our customer service, but if necessary, you also have the support of your union shop stewards and industrial safety representatives behind you.

We also offer our employees training to increase their competence. 

We also strive to ensure the safety and good care of our end customers – patients, schoolchildren, day-care children and the elderly. We ensure that our employees in the social and health care sectors have sufficient pharmacotherapy and information-system skills, and check their certification for tasks from Valvira. From employees who work with children, we require an extract from the criminal record after the statutory three months of work.

Everyone has a right to fair treatment

Fair treatment of employees is of primary importance at Seure. Our recruitment is transparent and equal. We always make our employment decisions on the basis of professional skills and suitability for the job.

Harassment, inappropriate treatment or discrimination are not tolerated at Seure, and we take seriously all abuses reported to us.

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